What to enjoy at Benihana when you’re expecting.

This post was sponsored by Benihana.

This past weekend Andrew and I on a lunch date to experience an entree + mocktail pairing meal.  In pregnancy the only food / drinks I’ve really missed are frozen margaritas, so it was fun to hear that Benihana has a variety of alcohol-free frozen specialties! Below I’m sharing a recap of our lunch so you can enjoy a date night (or date day!) with mocktails that bring out the best flavors of some of the Benihana dishes.

We started the meal with the famous Benihana salad.  I’ve always been a fan of their ginger dressing.  Have you had it? The chef we talked to mentioned it’s made from scratch each day, so it’s super fresh and flavorful.

The first pairing was Hibachi Scallops + a Mango Colada mocktail. I like any Colada drink and this one mixes pineapple, coconut and mango purée. This entrée ended up being my favorite, so I ate it for lunch that day served with veggies and fried rice. I really enjoyed the heavy umami flavors paired with such a fresh + fruity drink.

Next pairing we tried was the Chicken Yakisoba + Banana Berry Smoothie (a delicious blend of strawberry, banana and blueberry). The Yakisoba was a super tasty mix of Japanese sautéed noodles with chicken and mixed vegetables and of course some delicious sauces on the side for dipping.

The final pairing was Hibachi Filet Mignon + Strawberry Passion Delight. This mocktail featured passion fruit with a strawberry swirl. Andrew ate this one for his meal. The fruitiness of the mocktail is the perfect complement to the tenderness of the beef.

With 3 full entrees, we hit our fullness cue and then took leftovers home to have for dinner that night! I didn’t mind not having to cook a lunch or dinner that day! 

Which pairing do you think you’d like best?


  1. i didnt know Benihana did that. we go there often mostly for the fried rice.

  2. All looks so yummy. Thanks for all your wonderful posts, Kylie. I read your blog everyday, and enjoy every kind of post you do ;)

  3. “Benihana” I think you enjoyed their well. I t’s nice to have alcohol free food items when you are expecting. Does the food is so good there? Please do reply this?
    I would like to have a taste.

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