Laguna Beach.

I brought my computer on our annual Laguna Beach trip this year (past Laguna trips can be seen here: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013). The plan was to post a couple times on our trip, but that plan was made before I had experienced traveling with a baby haha.  I didn’t have time to touch my computer once.  Or time to even think about picking up the book I brought.

At home we’ve had 4 months now to adjust to life with baby and develop a routine, but on vacation I felt like I was fighting against how vacation life used to be and how vacation life is with a baby. 

While there were so many good moments on vacation, there were also tough moments…like when I yelled, “WHAT THE F…?!!!!” at Andrew when I needed more support and he wasn’t helping me enough.  At the time we both were in dire need of AphukenbrakE.  (<– have you seen that video? lol)  Motherhood is filled with the highest highs I’ve ever felt and the lowest lows I’ve ever felt.  

The best part of the trip was that my whole family was there.  Mom, Dad, Tata (my grandma), Layne & Marco, Quinn & Derek (her fiancé), and, obviously, Andrew + Jojo.  This year was made extra special because Marco’s parents flew over from Italy.  They only speak Italian, so there was a language barrier…but Layne & Marco both speak English + Italian so they could help translate.  But fortunately everyone speaks baby lol.  Here’s the whole gang:

We flew in Saturday and this little monkey toy was such a lifesaver.  It’s called a Nuby (<–affiliate link) and it kept Jojo entertained for hours.

I fed her on takeoff and landing to help her keep swallowing and deal with the pressure change.  She did great on the flight.  I was stressed having to keep her entertained with the 2 hour delay we had, but eventually we both took a baby 30 minute nap in a super comfy position…

Sunday morning I took my new favorite photo of Andrew and Jojo <3

Then we spent the rest of the day wandering around town to see what had changed since last year and stopping as needed to feed baby girl.

On Monday I had an adult temper tantrum (aka handing your child to your mom and going to get a hair cut).

I went to this place that was within walking distance of where we stay called Belo, which was a blowout bar that also did haircuts.  If you go for a blowout you just tell them which hairstyle you want from the menu below.  I thought that was such a cool idea and makes me wanna find a blowout bar who does something similar in Houston.  I always have this idea that one day I’ll start caring about my hair…but it never actually happens.

Tuesday we took a boat ride across the ocean to Catalina, an island 20ish miles off the coast.  When we’re in Laguna we usually do one big outing, either Catalina or Disneyland.  My mom took the below photo and Jojo’s little “i’m number one” finger is hilarious.  Currently she is the only grandkid on both sides of our family, so she is pretty accurate in her “i’m #1” thinking.  And, Pickles-Pudding…if you’re reading this…HAPPY BIRTHDAY! WE LOVE YOU!

Also, her hair looks red in some of these pictures, but it’s not in person! 

I love love love seeing my sisters with Jojo.

Wednesday we spent some time on the beach.

And took family photos on a rock we call picture rock.

Notice the above spit bubble lol^^^

Thursday we did a family walk in the morning.  My dad had been wanting to wear Jo in the Ergobaby the entire trip…so he was pumped to carry her.

Then Jojo jumped and jumped and jumped in her little jumper (<–affiliate link).

Friday we flew home.  Jo surprised us and slept the entire 2 1/2 hour flight home.  I think she was exhausted from the trip.

I’ll be sharing some food highlights from the trip later this week!

Have you ever traveled with a baby? Do you find it easy or tough? I imagine some of you with multiple kids are super experienced and may feel traveling with just one baby is easy peasy. 


  1. I flew solo with my 3.5 month old. It was 4 hours, and the absolute scariest experience of my life! I was blessed that people were so so so nice. They even switched me to a row with an empty seat!

  2. Our little girl is 5 months now and we will be flying from Atlanta to Kansas City in July for the first time. Please share any tips you have from flying with a baby, from checking all the gear ect!

  3. So the thing about “vacationing” with a baby is that you can’t leave the drudgery of everyday life at home the way you could pre-baby. IMO it’s a pretty jarring contrast because your mind is telling you you’re on vacation, but you’re not able to disconnect and unwind the way you’re used to, so it feels weird. And can turn into lots of WHY AM I NOT RELAXED feelings … which are themselves stressful, ha.

    Everyone responds differently, but for me I’ve learned that managing my expectations around what vacations will be like in the baby/toddler years helped me. I think of traveling with young kids as “trips” as opposed to vacations. And it’s not like you can never get a true vacation in those years–my husband and I did a 5-day getaway just the two of us when our first was about 15 months (nothing exotic, just Austin and San Antonio), and it was super fab. Sleeping in and room service as parents of young kids cannot be overestimated. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing your trip! Sisters are the best! I love how both my daughters feel so at home with them!

    Traveling with babies and toddlers is hard! I go to visit my family in Switzerland at least once a year (leaving from Montreal) and the journey was always challenging. I think you get a bit more experienced but it never gets easy. However, my daughters are now five and a half, and almost four and I’m happy to say that this year’s trip was AMAZING. Hang in there!

  5. Hi! Why can I see the previous poster’s e-mail address and name when I want to leave a reply?

    • Hey Alice! It’s a glitch the blog is having. I’ve had a couple web developers look into it but they haven’t been able to figure it out. We thought it was a cacheing issue…but it’s not. I’m in the middle of a major blog redesign so this issue will be fixed by May. Sorry about that!

  6. Go to the Dry Bar! I’m sure there is a location in Houston. There is even a “how I built this” podcast episode with the woman who started the chain. The menu at a blow out dry service is right out of her playbook. I got one when I got food poisoning over my birthday and I was too tired to wash my hair LOL. It’s awesome!

  7. Thank you for keeping it real!
    I’m not a mother, but hey, sometimes you just need to have your temper tantrum and get a haircut (or pedi, or whatever) I appreciate the personality and clarity your blog has :)

    Also, that spit bubble <3

    • I told one of my friends before we went to lunch that Joanna may have a breakdown during lunch and she was like, “that’s cool. I have breakdowns sometimes too.” I thought that was such a great point haha.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Katie<3

  8. Love your family! JoJo is adorable!
    My husband and I have decided that once you have kids, it’s called a “trip” not a “vacation” lol!!!
    We have 3 girls!! So fun!!

  9. JoJo in her sunglasses are so stinkin’ cute! And I love the photo of you and her relaxing on the boat looking out at the water. Looks so peaceful! Glad to see y’all had a wonderful trip : )

    P.S. Just watched the aphukenbrake video. Holy crap I’m not a parent but that’s hysterical!!!

  10. I’ve missed you on the blog! Good excuse for being away though, it looks like you had a really great trip :) Baby Jo is seriously the cutest lil thing!

  11. I always thought the hardest thing about traveling with my kids was all of the STUFF you have to tote along. Then there was the time my 10-year-old had terrible ear pain while we were landing and wailed like a banshee… At least people seemed mostly sympathetic.

  12. Gosh it looks beautiful there! I love all your pictures, hope you had a wonderful time!

  13. If you do find yourself caring about your hair one day :) try Flowe Studio on Ella. They even have a blowout called the Laguna!

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