Matcha Green Tea Smoothie

This recipe was created in partnership with Unilever.

Have you ever made a tea smoothie? It’s like a milk tea, but in smoothie form and it’s oh-so refreshing! 

Probably ten years ago I remember drinking a smoothie that had tea in it and I loved the flavor paired with the fruit, so I’ve been making them ever since.  Recently I stopped into a smoothie place in Houston and they had a smoothie called the Soul Provider (which, if ordered, would give half the proceeds to a local charity) and it had tea in it! I ordered it and it reignited my love for tea smoothies. During the hotter parts of the year I don’t really crave hot tea, but tea in smoothie form is something I can get excited about.  Sometimes I feel like I forget that you can easily make any tea into iced tea.

This tea smoothie recipe is really basic, refreshing and hydrating! I used Lipton® Matcha Green Tea with Ginger because I love ginger in my smoothies.  I’m not one of those people who can eat a big ol’ piece of pickled ginger at sushi restaurants, but ginger in tea, smoothie or cookie form is right up my alley.

Just like the Soul Provider smoothie I mentioned earlier, all tea for Lipton® tea bags also do good – they are sustainably sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified estates. The Rainforest Alliance is an independent organization that works with individuals, communities and companies to reduce environmental impacts and ensure sustainable livelihoods.

Along with the brewed & cooled matcha tea, into this smoothie I added frozen bananas and a pour of milk.  If you want you can drink it just like that or add in some spinach leaves to make the smoothie a more vibrant green. 

This smoothie goes great paired with a panini for lunch or just by itself for a refreshing afternoon snack. How ever you have it, I hope you enjoy!

Matcha Green Tea Smoothie

Yield: serves 1 about-to-be-refreshed person

Total Time: 5 minutes


8 oz Lipton® Matcha Green Tea with Ginger (brewed for 2 minutes and completely cooled)
2 medium-sized frozen bananas
2 tablespoons milk
optional: a couple leaves of spinach to makes it a more vibrant green


In a blender, blend everything together.  Pour and serve!


  1. YESSSS!!!! I am obsessed with matcha anything. I make a similar smoothie, but I sometimes add frozen cauliflower rice to it and a touch of maple syrup or honey. I love a good iced matcha latte too. Have you ever tried matcha ice cream? Haagen Dazs makes a green tea ice cream that is amazing!

  2. This sounds fabulous, Kylie! I love the color, and it screams refreshing and enjoyable. :) I can’t wait to try it!

  3. I’ve never thought of adding teas to smoothies before!! It does sound refreshing…and so many ways to customize it too! :)

  4. Yes! I love matcha and have a big jar of matcha powder I use to make matcha lattes (iced & hot). I will try this now since I have said ingredients on hand, thanks!

  5. If you drink matcha tea that has been steeped, clearly the understanding of what matcha is and how it should be consumed (one of the benefits of this organic green tea is that you drink the WHOLE ground leaf) is lacking.
    Nonetheless the combination in a smoothie is a great way to cover the low quality taste. When you have the real deal (which does not come at Lipton price level) and use your low mineral water at the right temperature while preparing, then you will actually experience the real greatness of fine matcha tea.

  6. My Family Loved it. I am definitely sharing Guys, Thanks For sharing this Great Recipe. this recipe and this website with my friend. Hope they also love it. Thank you again for sharing such a great recipe.

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