My absolute favorite snack right now.

A few weeks ago at the grocery store I walked down an aisle and saw some jerky and decided to throw it into the cart. I’m not a jerky person, but lately I’ve been craving more savory snacks and meat, so I decided to give Krave’s Black Cherry Barbecue Jerky a try (<–affiliate link). I feel the need to say that this post it not sponsored!

Once home I had a bag for a snack and found it so satisfying. It’s tender, instead of being stringy or tough. Later that week I ordered a pack of 8 off Amazon and have been enjoying them so much. They’re kinda pricey so I’m not sure how often I’ll be ordering a stash, but they are super tasty!

Are you a jerky person?


  1. Oooo I’ve heard these are delicious! I’m not a big jerky person but I’ll have to try this!!

  2. I love jerky! I usually eat it with cheese too :) or dried fruit for a sweet/savory combination! I’ve tried Krave before, but never the cherry flavor. Will have to try that!

  3. Is it too early for you to order this for Jo? I know your love for pompoms
    That’s all, happy Thursday!

  4. Such an odd-sounding flavor! I’m definitely more of a sweet person than savoury, I think I’ll be skipping this rec LOL

  5. I LOVE krave jerky!! They have the best flavors. The pink peppercorn is my favorite.

  6. Love this kind of jerky, too!! I’ve tried some of their other flavors too and all are delicious but this one is definitely my favorite.

  7. this was a great snack/meal for me when i was moving away from my disordered eating, wasn’t quite in a place to be making 3 square meals at home for myself, and me and my hunger cues weren’t in sync yet- i keep a bag in my purse when out and about or at work as a “rescue” snack if i suddenly became ravenous- felt like a treat, easy to eat in any situation!

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