Brunch fun.

This past weekend one of our couples friends invited us over for brunch at their place.  AND.  They have an epic pool, which I’m all about lately.

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Brunch wasn’t until later in the morning, so I woke up that morning and made a light-ish breakfast of chia pudding topped with kiwi, watermelon, flax and Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter.  There has to be a lot of toppings for me to get on board with chia seed pudding haha.  But I had some leftover in our fridge that needed to be eaten from a recipe I’m sharing later this week.

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Later we headed to brunch.

The plan was crepe making! Our friends Amanda and Andrew invited us over because Andrew (not my husband, Andrew haha) has a crepe maker.  The Andrews took turns making the crepes.

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I requested a nutella crepe with strawberries.  So delish.  

For brunch I brought over our french press and made us all lattes with a choice of vanilla or hazelnut creamer.  I went with vanilla.

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My friend Amanda also made this really good egg-sausage casserole that I had a square of.  I forgot to snag a picture!

Amanda is great because she remember things.  Things like how I loathe fennel.  So she made sure the sausage was fennel-less:) That is true friendship.

After eating we all hung out for a couple hours and drank mimosas while catching up.  Amanda had made fun fruit purees to switch up the traditional mimosa.  I had one peach mimosa and one raspberry mimosa.  Both delish.

It’s hard to find couples friends! We are so happy we’ve found friends we mesh well with. 

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After sipping on mimosas, we all put on our swim suits and headed down to the pool for awhile.  We pretty much just stood/floated in the pool and talked.  Such a perfect way to spend a Saturday when it’s a bajillion degrees outside.

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I had so much fun.  I want to have homemade brunch dates more often.  Have you gone to a homemade brunch date before? Tell me your brunching ways.


  1. Wow, their apartment pool is so cool! So good to have especially when it is hot where you are now. We have an American couple from Johny’s work who we get on really well with here and they love to make home made brunch. Last time it was an egg, cheese, potato and salsa casserole dish that was so good I had to have seconds. I have to say Americans know how to put on a good spread ;) 
    It is so nice to find couples you click with, especially for us when we moved to the other side of the planet haha. 

    • Connection/sense of belonging is such a great feeling. Glad you guys have found a couple you click with. Such a bonus that they love to brunch:)

  2. Ahh this is my dream! I love serving breakfast, I got to all weekend this past weekend and it was a blast!

  3. I’m pretty certain that one of the only reasons I make chia pudding is so that I can top it with tons of nut/seed butter! ;)

  4. Brunching at home is the best! You can adjust the bubbly/juice ratio to your liking. So many restaurant mimosas are basically pure juice and it makes me cranky when the sugar crash hits.

  5. I need to hop on the chia pudding bandwagon! I love that justin’s nut butter too. And those crepes look amazinggg. Breakfast food > anything in my opinion haha

  6. Wow sounds fantastic. 1 question how do you make lattes from a french press? Do you steam the milk?

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