5 Things from a June Weekend.

Happy Monday, all!

We had a calm weekend with plenty of downtime and friend dates Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  It was a good balance of calm with some plans thrown in.  Going into hermit mode on the weekend never helps me feel refreshed come Monday, so I like to typically have a couple things planned.

Before I get into some weekend highlights, I’ve been doing A LOT of podcasts recently.  Here are my two most recently released one:

  • The Way You Are Project: Episode 5 – I love when I’m on a podcast and we just FLOWWWW.  Erica and I got along so well we ended up grabbing lunch this weekend, since she too lives in Houston.  She is fabulous and I can’t wait to listen to her other podcast interviews.
  • RD Real Talk: Episode 16 – Heather was so great to have me on her podcast again! I always love our conversations.  She’s another podcast host that does an excellent jobs at making guests feel comfortable.

Here were some of our weekend highlights:

Anne (I love that the two of us our so close in our pregnancies!) has been posting about eating cooked eel sushi during pregnancy, which reminded me that sushi was sure sounding good.  Saturday night we met some of our good friends for dinner at KA sushi.  Andrew drank all the whiskey and after I took him crib shopping with me and he was hilarious.  

Speaking of Andrew, this weekend he installed some blinds and sunshades in our house and they really make the house look more complete and provide more privacy.  I really like them! 

Friday I took myself out to lunch and ordered a tuna melt, which was the only thing on the menu that sounded good at all.  Appetite was gone all week, but hunger has been off the charts still.  While I was waiting for my food a waiter came and told me they were all out of tuna melts, so naturally I just started crying.  I’m like, “don’t you understand I’m pregnant and nothing else sounds good?!” I didn’t say that, and instead ordered their veggie sandwich, which ended up being totally delicious and I’ll probably go back and order it again this week.  Hummus + avocado + cheese were made for each other Sleepless in Seattle style. 

Last night we finished watching House of Cards, while I watercolored.  I’ve been trying to do more figures.  We recently came across some figure sketches that Andrew’s grandma had done and they were so gorgeous so I was feeling inspired to try some.  I’m excited to do more.  We are heading on vacation soonish and one thing I want to do when there is find somewhere in nature to sit and do some figure watercoloring while listening to an audiobook, either Big Magic or The Happiness Trap.  Can’t wait! 

The last weekend highlight was I had a craving for You’ve Got Mail, so I spent a good portion of Saturday afternoon relaxing on the sofa and watching it.  One of the best movies of all time.

I hope you all had a great weekend :) Looking forward to hearing about them in the comments section! As always, feel free to link to your blogs! 

Also, I’m in the market for new blogs to read.  What are your favorite food/non-food/lifestyle/happiness/whatever blogs to read??


  1. You’ve Got Mail is SOOOOOO good. So comforting. So dreamy in the fall. Ah, no words. Great! Glad you had a great weekend. And listening to your cravings! Now I want sushi!

  2. I hate when a restaurant is out of the only thing on the menu you want! Especially since then you’re under even more pressure to make a choice while (s)he’s there waiting on you! I’m glad you enjoyed your second-choice-sammich lol

  3. Omg I totally would have cried if a restaurant was out of the only thing that sounded good to me, too. Totally with you on the being super hungry but nothing sounding good situation – ugh! Hoping this ends for both of us soon! I love that we are so close in our due dates, too – fun to take this journey together. Also… yay for cooked sushi. :)

  4. Fun weekend! Also, my friend shared this video on maternal body changes and society’s treatment of them on FB and I thought you may appreciate:

  5. LOVE You’ve Got Mail! Anytime it’s on I HAVE to stop and watch. There’s something about the pace of the movie that I just love and feels so relaxing.

    I’m sure you’ve already heard of all these, but these are my other favorites: Hummusapian and Bucket List Tummy. Great weekend!

  6. What a wonderful weekend! The perfect combination of relaxation and socialization. I’m with you on needing a bit of both. We finally got out to our lake house on Saturday just for the afternoon, but it was so needed. Matt and I met with Kaci and her fiancé out there. It was really fun! The water was way too cold, so we’re hoping we can swim soon. I’m a wimp. ;)

  7. I totally feel you on the food induced crying. I went to a restaurant towards the end of my first trimester and ALL I wanted was a certain salad they had on the menu.. which, of course, they were out of. It took all I had not to start crying, though I definitely got teary-eyed ;)

  8. Love reading your blog and now following your pregnancy journey! We had a fun and crazy weekend. Ate a lot of good food and listened to live music!

  9. Can I just say that I love that you mentioned both Sleepless in Seattle AND You’ve Got Mail in one post? Reason 100000 you are my favourite.

  10. My sweet sister tried to get Jimmy John’s delivered when she was pregnant and was told they didn’t deliver to her area. She naturally responded in the same way…! I’m happy the veggie sandwich turned out to be good!

  11. It’s way too hot, and I wore shoes that are not good for walking, so I’m listening to your podcast and stretching in my office. :) Love it!

  12. You’ve got mail, could watch every. Single. Day. Never gets old. 👍🏻 I have a blog at the link below but haven’t posted in a bit, looking forward to posting my newish journey with I.E. :) 

  13. I love for fashion/lifestyle-ish! Inspires me to be more bold with my clothes choices and is inclusive of all bodies (I think!)

  14. “Once I read a story about a butterfly in the subway and today I saw one. It got on at 42nd and off at 59th, where I assume it was going to Bloomingdales to buy a hat that will turn out to be a mistake. As almost all hats are.” AHHHH…the best!! :)

  15. I never get veggie sandwiches, but that one looks good! Also, I’ve never been pregnant, but don’t blame you one bit for crying when they were out of something that sounded good. I agree with wanting part relaxation and part fun events in each weekend. I spent most of mine relaxing, but threw in some learning and computer stuff getting ready to launch my website. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us!

  16. Cupcakes and Cashmere has been a go-to of mine since years and years ago!!
    I have yet to see You’ve Got Mail! Definitely need to add this on my list. I watched A Midnight In Paris last week. Rom coms are my jam!

    • Yep! Cupcakes and Cashmere is on my read list! It’s a good one. I do have to say…I usually have to stop reading it for a while after they have that dietitian who gives food advice. She’s not my favorite! She gives advice that is so counter to my food philosophy. Other than that it’s fab blog.

  17. The last picture is funny to me because I’m pretty sure we have the same coffee table and I have the same foam roller. I don’t use it anymore as 1) i’ve always found it painful, but just “something you have to do” and 2) I’ve been moving very intuitively lately which has just been walking outside so my muscles aren’t as tight as when I would make them do strenuous movement, yay! 
    I’m also someone who likes having some things planned, but not every second. Just enough to break up the day, but not go, go, go all the time.

    Also, I finished Big Magic last week and it was awesome! I really motivated me to start my own blog and I’ve been meaning to dabble in water colors recently because of her book and wanting to be more creative, but also because you started doing it and it sounded fun! Hopefully, I’ll get around to it soon.

    • hehe that’s Andrew’s foam roller! Occasionally it does feel nice when my upper back is stiff, but it is a bit rough!

      That’s awesome Big Magic encouraged you to start a blog!! LOVE THAT!

  18. Love that you are on more podcasts! Your watercolor is so fun! I hope you get a lot more time to create and play.

    Big Magic for the win. I haven’t read The Happiness Trap yet, but keep hearing about it, so I’m eagerly anticipating.

    My favorite lifestyle blog is Cup of Jo. It’s a really great mix of things. Otherwise I pretty much just check in with you and Real Life RD! :)

  19. Both my pregnancies had me the same way at that stage, NO joke. (Really it’s no joke)
    Ravenous but only 1 very specific exact thing would sound moderately okay to eat; if for some reason that specific thing(for awhile the driest turkey on soft sliced Panera sourdough(NOT grocery store sourdough) with only a veil of mayonnaise- not a smidge more or a smidge less- and a pile of Bubbies pickles on the side, don’t let the juice get on the bread…many truly urgent, tearful situations that left many a stranger(not to mention spouse…😂) bewildered and uncomfortable. It did get a little better eventually.
    (You know something odd that helped? Tongue scrapers. TMI? I don’t know. I kept those Lil’ Wisp tongue and mouth refreshers everywhere because after I used one, I felt like I might be able to enjoy eating something.)

    • That’s funny you mention tongue scrapers! I’ve been brushing my teeth more randomly throughout the day bc a minty, FRESH taste does seem to help me enjoy eating!

  20. I’ve been loving ALL of your podcasts lately :) I was never really into podcasts until this past year and I just love ’em. Thanks for giving me more podcasts to listen to because while I love Food Psych, I love having a variety of things to listen to while driving. I have a longish commute to my jobs. :)

  21. Love when you post watercolor pics! Also just downloaded “The Way You Are Project” podcast you were on and can’t wait to listen. I know you asked about blogs but since I pretty much only read 3 (yours, Robyn’s, and Whitney @ Sometimes Always Never), I will tell you that I have been LOVING podcasts lately- especially “Dear Daughters” (Susie Davis) and Shauna Niequist’s!

  22. Old Meg Ryan movies are the best! You’ve Got Mail is one of my all time faves. When I was younger I loved her movie Addicted to Love too – I watched it recently and realized it’s kind of ridiculous, but I still like it for old time’s sake haha.

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