The new office is coming along!

Andrew and I spent the weekend setting up the office (all while listening to and finishing S.Town!).  I was gonna take a photo of the outside of the office building, but there is still some construction going on and it looks a bit rough (hello, plywood for one of the windows lol).  So I’ll save that for another time.

Here’s what the building looked like before it was remodeled.  My mom said this used to be her ophthalmologist’s office.  Then it was a car dealership. 


Here’s a digital rendering of the building remodeled.  This is pretty much what the building looks like now.  There is going to be a salon on the bottom floor and my office is on the top floor.

We got all the furniture from World Market, Home Goods, Target, and IKEA. 

My office space is about 250 sq. ft. divided between a waiting room and the office.

I’ll show ya my office first.  As previously mentioned, my favorite item in the office is this pink chair from World Market.  I’d been eyeing it for a year and was excited to finally have a need for it. 

The window in the space is actually larger than I remembered it being when we signed the lease.  YAY!

Here’s a photo from the waiting room looking into the office.  Andrew’s mom found that loveseat at Home Goods and it’s super comfortable.  I will be taking many naps on it ;)

Some of the final touches for the office are still needed…like artwork, my framed diplomas, shelves for cookbooks/books and storage for handouts.  Overall the big stuff, like couches, chairs, desks, printer, are good to go.

Here’s a photo of my desk, which is opposite the loveseat + my pink chair.  And I drew in the small touches I’ll get around to adding eventually.

Here’s the waiting room + the other things I plan on adding later.

I want the waiting room to be as peaceful as possible.  So I’ll have a speaker to play soothing coffee shop-esque music.  There is a tea making station too with an electric kettle for heating hot water.

With the prettiest cups ever.

If you’re interested in seeing the office continue to evolve, I’ll be sharing more on Instagram Stories as things change!


  1. love love love! so beautiful, calming, and welcoming! congrats

  2. Congratulations on taking this next step in your professional career! The office looks so so good!

  3. I’m glad you’ll have tea, I love when there is a drink option at my appointments. I love all the bright lights too.
    I listened to S-town all weekend. I think I only have one episode left- oops!

  4. Gah, so cute! Jealous :) I’d totally be at home here!

  5. Love it!!! Your clients will love it too! Where is your desk from? I’m looking for a desk myself!

  6. Lovely and peaceful!

  7. Wow this office is seriously so beautiful and chic! I love it you did an amazing job, congratulations!!

  8. It’s beautiful! But where’s Maggie’s spot?!? ;)))

  9. It looks fantastic! I want this to be my living room! My only thought is, is there anyway to soften the lighting? Maybe get some kind of gel paper to put over the neon lights? Or just have them turned off and use lamps?

    • Great input! I like the way you’re thinking;) My plan is to have the overhead lights off and just use lamps. It was too dark when I took these photos to take pictures with the overhead lights off:)

  10. Ohmygosh everything is utterly adorable and perfect! I wish I could see it in person. It is so lovely, and you have definitely transformed it into a tranquil, calming space. Love it!

  11. Loving that loveseat! This is giving me major inspo for my new apartment that we’re moving into in August. Calm, positive, serene – the tea is a nice touch. :) If you’d like some position affirmations painted for your wall, I’d be happy to send you some examples of some I’ve done for myself and paint some for you (for nothing in return, of course)

  12. Looks great! I wish my apartment was as adorable as your waiting room looks! Btw, I heard you on the Food Psych podcast this morning – such a great conversation!

  13. A tea making station!?! How cute! And I love how calming your office looks…positive affirmations on the wall will be such a nice touch.

  14. OH my goodness! I LOVE it! And I’m SO excited for you!! This is eventually my dream, as well. Some day… This is really amazing and I am so happy for you and your little space! :)

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