My favorite Chipotle order lately.

Hi guys.  I shared a post yesterday that got some mixed reviews.  The post was on something that really helped me in recovery and helped move me away from my eating disorder.  If you took offense to the post, I apologize.  I never mean to be hurtful and I’m sorry if the post didn’t feel good to you.  I plan on sharing a post soon about how the blog has evolved and the purpose of the blog now. 

Today I wanted to share something a bit lighter…my favorite Chipotle order!

I actually don’t like rice.  I think it’s one of the most boring foods ever.  Unless it’s coconut milk brown rice, which is excellent.  Or if it’s fried rice from Benihana filled with scrambled eggs and veggies, in which case I’m game.  I would much rather have tortillas, potatoes, farro, chips, or bread than rice.  So clearly I rarely order rice when I’m at Chipotle.  When I do occasionally get a bowl I’d much rather get double beans than rice.

Most recently my go to order has been 2 crunchy tacos filled with Chipotle yumminess.

I usually get:

pinto beans
pico de gallo
sour cream

Last night I finished my two tacos and Andrew and I were talking AND I realized I felt post-snack fullness, but not post-meal fullness.  So I got a third taco :) Sometimes 2 tacos is enough and sometimes I need 3.

What’s you current favorite Chipotle order? Also, are you Team Chipotle or Team Freebirds?


  1. I have no idea how the post yesterday was ill received by anyone. I thought it was SO BRILLIANT!!! And SO HELPFUL!!! I don’t post feedback every time because my response of “You are so freaking brilliant and I wish everyone signed on to your outlook” would get redundant ;) But you are the most refreshing thing ever!

  2. I love your posts, just saying! I always say tat people come into reading posts from various perspectives and will always perceive them in different ways as they pertain to their lives. I see nothing wrong with what you wrote and that you try every angle just to try to reach people. thanks for always trying to help.

  3. This makes me so jealous because I live in Newfoundland we don’t have Chipotle! :( The one time I had it though, DELISH. I could live off of burrito bowls, yum.

  4. I honestly don’t know anyone who gets hard shell tacos at Chipotle… hahah I didn’t even know they had them!!  I’m super down with the tofu burrito bowls! That tofu is soo bomb 

  5. I’m Chipotle obsessed. For many years I only ate burrito bowls (trying to restrict calories) and a few months ago I started getting burritos again and I’m never going back!! My go to order right now is — white rice, a little bit of pinto beans, chorizo, corn and hot salsa, cheese, sour cream and lettuce.

    I thought yesterday’s post was great and I’m sure it resonated with many people who are struggling to break out of an ED. I can also see how some who may have experience with abuse could have found it off-putting. But, discomfort is a part of life and oftentimes these types of conversations are uncomfortable by necessity. Keep speaking your truth!

  6. I loved the post and as someone who has been in an abusive relationship (as a child) the analogy really resonated. I also have UTMOST respect for the fact you did not immediately try and please all of the people ‘all of the time’ and take it down at the first hint of criticism. Maybe it will offend some, definitely it has helped many. I really admire you for respectfully sticking to your guns. You are always going to offend people, but sometimes we are so careful to insulate everyone from any kind of pain that they never get to work through that barrier and see the good stuff on the other side.

  7. I loved yesterday’s post. As someone who has (1) battled an ED since age 11 (I’m 32 now) and been in verbally abusive relationships, including one where my weight/thinness was a central issue, it really resonated with me. I appreciate you putting your thoughts out there. Your blog definitely helps me when I feel myself struggling. I also appreciate that you are so open to criticism and incorporate it into the blog.
    I haven’t been to Chipotle in quite a while, but I love their chips. :-)

  8. I wanted you to know that I loved your post yesterday! I think with everything published on the Internet, you will have haters and lovers. I always appreciate and enjoy reading your posts – keep sharing what’s on your mind!!

  9. I hate rice too – so boring! Though, I’ve had some really good green rice at a Mexican restaurant. I think they cooked it in lots of butter and cilantro, though, so it made it so tasty :)

    Bread, tortillas/chips, quinoa, cereal and oats all day for grains! :)

  10. YUM! I’ve never heard of freebirds, but I LOVE Chipotle (I’m having it tomorrow actually). I’d be interesting in hearing how Free Bird handles gluten free orders (for celiac customers like me).

  11. Idk what Freebird is, but I love Chipotle! 1) I feel the way about potatoes the way you feel about rice 😝 and 2) I always get the same thing at Chiptole (burrito bowl: brown rice, black beans, fajita vegs, sofritas, tomato salsa, & hot salsa) buuuut maybe sometime I’ll try yours!! Switch it up a bit ;P

  12. I LOVE Chipotle. My go-to has changed throughout the years, and I worked there for awhile so I really learned how to play the system. But now, my go-to is a salad bowl with a half portion of brown rice (not the biggest fan of the taste but like the texture, so I just get half), half portion of black beans (I LOVE them, but they hurt my tummy sometimes so I try to hold back), chicken, hot/medium/and mild salsa, and if I’m feeling it I add the guac. SO GOOD.

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