Hey guys! I wanted to address my blog posting time.  I used to have posts ready to go the day before they posted, but lately I’ve been transitioning to finishing blog posts the morning I will be posting them.  So some days the post for the day won’t go up until 10am central time.  Also, some days I will have multiple posts in one day.  Kimmy and Morgan are contributing great content that will continue to supplement the posts I’m writing.  Before baby comes I’m hoping the blog will get a bit of a formatting update…but we’ll see what happens :) Anyways, just wanted to let you know that there will be at least one blog post each day Monday thru Friday, but the timing of posting may vary! Once baby gets here there will still be new content on the blog each week, but I doubt the 5 day a week posting frequency will be happening.  We shall see! 

On to our weekend…

The weekend started with a package on our doorstep from my sister, Layne.  She got Raspberry the cutest T-shirt and pretzel teething ring ever (or I think that is what that thing is lol) from Cheerily.  We spent the rest of Friday eating pizza with friends.

Saturday morning I was wide awake at 7am.  I ate first breakfast of cereal + milk + nut butter.  I had a craving for kolaches, but was hungry NOW so I went with cereal for the time being and planned to pick up kolaches later.

Then I went and moved my body for a bit.

After moving I went and picked up some donuts and kolaches from a new-to-us donut place.  Yum.  The donuts were okay, but I still think Shipley’s donuts are better.

I spent a good portion of Saturday & Sunday reading this book.  You have to wait until page 200 (!) to find out the husband’s secret lol, but I’m enjoying the book.

Saturday Andrew and I also went to the mall, which we never do.  I tried on some maternity clothes and got one dress and a shirt.  Andrew needed some new shoes and dress pants.

After shopping we stopped by a place called Garbanzo’s to get some lunch.  A bunch of different Mediterranean food + mint lemonade I mixed with sparkling water (bubbly perfection) + pita.

The rest of Saturday was spent painting my nails and making myself sit and wait patiently as they dried.  I always end up smudging my nail polish when I paint them at home because I don’t wait long enough for them to dry.

Saturday afternoon + evening involved a thick banana smoothie + a pasta dinner + cookie making.  And a ton of book reading.

Sunday was the typical Sunday for us.  Breakfast at church + church service…

After church we headed to a local flea market to look around for a bit.  I ended up buying one of those baby chew bead necklaces for me and Raspberry.

Then we got the grocery shopping done.  Andrew came with me so I could limit my walking around. The flea market walking had worn out my back and I hobbled around the grocery store as best I could.

I made an easy tuna fish lunch that I ate like a dip with chips.

Sunday afternoon I went and restocked my watercolor supplies :) I have no idea what I’m buying for watercoloring stuff…I just go and buy what looks fun.  All of my watercolor stuff up to this point came from the kids craft section at Target haha.  So if you’ve wanted to dabble in watercoloring, Target is a cheap option for getting some supplies! 

Andrew had plans that afternoon, so I cleaned the house a bit while listening to podcasts.  I had a dinner ready for us when he got home…I’ll be sharing that dinner in a meal round-up later this week!  

We also started watching Gypsy on Netflix.  It’s really messed up.  Have you watched it? 

I’m shooting & editing a recipe today + have a couple clients + am hoping to attend our church small group tonight.  And I’d really love to take Maggie to the dog park.  I’m off to that! Hope you do something to make today a happy Monday for yourself! 


  1. I love all books by Lianne Moriarty! I read Big Little Lies after watching the TV series on HBO, would recommend the book and the show! I love how her books have an uncomfortable twist at the end, you never know what’s going to happen.

  2. It’s so funny the few similarities between our weekends! I made tuna salad for us on Saturday evening, I am also notoriously bad about smudging my nails but managed to paint mine well on Saturday, and we tried watching Gypsy. It was so messed up, and I read that it was already canceled. It’s the fastest a Netflix show has ever canceled. So you and I are a part of the majority of opinion, I believe. Have a fabulous day, Kylie!

  3. Love that shirt you wore to the gym!😂

  4. Sitting still is the HARDEST. Maybe that’s why I rarely paint my nails… ;)
    Looks like you had a lovely weekend, and I hope your week ahead is just as lovely!

    • I always love when I see you pop up in the comments section, Alison:) I hope you’re doing well<333 Also, I just poppped over to your blog and feel the need to tell you that I love Scotty P lol ;)

  5. I feel like I need that shirt! Too cute!! Also I am a sucker for Mediterranean and that place looks awesome. And as always, I wish my church served kolaches ;)

  6. Your tuna salad looks good. I’d love to know how you make it. My tuna is just a can of tuna and mayo…. good, but kinda boring.

  7. LOVE the shirt at the gym!
    Also…what’s a kolache?

  8. Seeing your watercolors makes me wish I was more artistic – it looks like a lot of fun! My tip for nails (I paint mine every week to keep myself from biting): Sally Hansen Insta-Dry top coat. It dries my nails completely in 10 minutes, and it’s only $4-5. It comes in a red bottle!

  9. Your don’t eat watermelon seeds tank is the cutest thing!!!

  10. Both the Husband’s Secret and Big Little Lies are so good! I ate at Garbanzo’s once when visiting Texas, I wish we had it where I live!

  11. Haha! I love that workout tank! And I read that book earlier this year… I couldn’t put it down!

  12. I began watching Gypsy, but obviously as a therapist, I found the character to be extremely inappropriate. And I know that was probably the intention, but I always worry about shows putting such a negative spin on the mental health world. I think it’s important to cover such topics as suicide and eating disorders (To the Bone and 13 Reasons Why) because they provide an outlet for discussion. But I fear counselors/psychologists have always had a bit of negative image because of past ethical issues in the field and it’s an image I would love to shake! Btw, Gypsy was already cancelled..

    • Seriously. TOTALLY inappropriate! Of course clients can have an effect on clinicians…but that’s what supervision groups are for. Her supervision group totally sucks! I’m like, “shouldn’t you bring up in supervision the fact that you are obsessed with a clients ex?”

  13. Are those ginger cookies? Look sooo good.

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