I wanted to share my responses to some questions I frequently get asked!

Are you taking a maternity leave? What will happen to the blog during that time?

Yep, I’m taking a maternity leave.  I’m taking 3 months off from seeing clients.  I’m not really sure exactly what the blog will look like during this time.  I hear the first two weeks after baby comes is crazy, so I’m likely going to take those two weeks completely off blogging.  Once I’m feeling up to it I’ll start posting lifestyle content – baby updates, (very different) day in the life posts, occasional recipes, of course the typical non-diet/disordered eating content, and some fun holiday collaborations that are in the works already.

How did you become an RD who works with eating disorders and disordered eating?

I addressed that in this post.

How do I start a blog?

Read this.

What are you favorite recipes from the blog / recipes you make the most?

those raspberry nutella pop-tart cookies

apple pie toast (I’m definitely making another fun toast for the holiday’s this year)

mexican brunch salad

spring rolls with epic peanut butter sesame sauce (I always add soba noodles to these tho)

indecisive cookies

the perfect oatmeal

Any tips on taking better food photos is I have an ugly kitchen?

YES! Create one of these.  And here was my old food photography set-up that I used for 5 years.

What is your favorite non-diet post?

That’s a hard one.  But probably this one. You can read all the posts on that topic here.

Have a question for me that I didn’t answer here? Feel free to ask below!


  1. Hmm, in a few years I totally want to hear how you are teaching your daughter (and any other future children) to be so body positive! That’s a while down the road though :)

    I’m also curious as to your favorite books that aren’t related to body positive thinking/diet culture- just general favorite books.

  2. This was fun to read! I love your blog :)

  3. My favorite line from your blog about overcoming your ED was “Imma do that, so I did!” I’ve incorporated that line into my goals, and even when I’m not quite there, I still think in my head “I’m doing that” and eventually, I can say that “I did”

    Love your blog so much <3

  4. I love your post on your path to becoming an RD. You truly convey how empowered recovery has made you. You have learned to choose happiness, even when life throws curveballs. Even when you slip into old behaviors like body checking, you treat it with such grace and forgive yourself and move on. 

  5. I have a question about your husband’s role in your recovery. I know not everyone is as fortunate as I in having my spouse support me and in fact he was key in having it pointed out to me (I was blatantly ignoring it). Did he know you had an eating disorder before you got married? When you gave up exercise and were struggling, how was that for him? I often feel very sorry for my husband, because although I haven’t been able to completely let go of exercise (for me it truly is a good stress reliever, I love a good sweat session), but I do tend to overdo it. A lot (my eating disorder was mostly visible by compulsive exercise). I also wonder if it bothered you when your husband worked out, but you couldn’t. (I’ve only recent been reading your blog so don’t know if you were married when you gave up exercising.) Thanks for sharing your life, I look forward to every post and am so excited for your new journey of motherhood!

    • YES! Also my question. I am working to let go of my restrictive eating behaviours and exercise compulsion, for me running is my “go to” exercise to calm my anxiety around weight gain and body changes. I have recently stopped running and I am trying to find other ways to move my body. VERY hard to do! My boyfriend who is super supportive of me and has been a sounding board for years since I told him about what I’m struggling with, is a runner. More than that he trains for marathons and is in the middle of training for one right now. It is very difficult for me knowing that he is going out for a training run, or following a set schedule that dictates how far he needs to run, how fast etc. Like Bethany asked, I am curious to know if it bothered you when your husband worked out and you did not. I know that my boyfriend’s running ‘schedule’ is to reach a goal that is completely unrelated to weight loss or an attempt to control the size or shape of his body, he wants to improve his time to qualify for the Boston marathon…but regardless of the motivation behind his runs, it is sooooo triggering for me!

  6. I SO need to try this photography setup. I don’t think I every plan on posting recipes that much, it’s just not my thing. But I do like to occasionally do What I Ate posts and I think that would be so helpful. Great idea!

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