Day in the Life

7:30am: The day started with feeding Jo in bed.  Then I got up and had breakfast.  I wanted to make breakfast tacos, but we didn’t have eggs.  BOO.  So I settled for cereal.  I don’t get excited about cereal, but a brand (who I don’t really care for) sent it and I figured I might as well eat it.

Jo hung out in her little walker toy while I ate…

I’ve heard so many people talk about the 4 month sleep regression babies go through, and while Jo’s sleep at night hasn’t really been affected she has REALLY gotten tough to put down for naps. Tuesday she cried for 2-3 hours straight when the nanny tried to put her down.  Wednesday I tried for an hour to get her to sleep and she wasn’t having it.  I thought she was teething, but our pedi said she didn’t feel any teeth and it’s a normal developmental milestone for babies to just chew on their hands.  So maybe she’s not teething.  All that to say for some reason Jo has had a tough time since we got back from vacation going to sleep at naps so I took her on a walk to get her to sleep.  

Even though cars (including ours) get broken into and gone through on the regular, I really do love our neighborhood.  Filled with such gorgeous, old trees…

Once back to the house I grabbed a banana and we were off on our day.  I’ve been trying to eat bananas regularly because when I was pregnant and feeling nauseous I guess I ate them a lot because I associate bananas with nausea now.  So making myself eat them to get over that.

10:30am: Yesterday we had a playdate planned in the morning, so I picked up Panera for me and my friend Stephanie for lunch.  Then spent a few hours hanging out together.

2pm: We had our 4-month check up at the Pedi yesterday and all is well with little Jo.  I LOVE our Pediatrician.  She’s super empathetic.  She hugs me when she walks in and out.  And she self-discloses a TON, which I love. 

3pm: After Jo’s appointment I had a therapy appointment, but was hungry and new I wouldn’t make it to dinner time.  My appointment was on the side of town with the best chocolate chip cookies in Houston (this is debatable, bc if you live in Houston then you know Common Bond also has an epic chocolate chip cookie), so I stopped by Tiny’s Milk & Cookies for a cookie + latte snack.

I decided this week it was time to go back to therapy.  I’ve noticed I keep thinking about the same things and not processing through them.

Have you read the below poem?

I feel like my brain keeps falling in the same unhelpful holes with my thinking, so I’m going to therapy again.  There are a lot of things I want a dedicated space to think about and be intentional about how I move forward.  A woman in my woman’s group said that, “Life is a train track with joy and pain running parallel.”  And I really resonated with that.  This brief moment in motherhood I’ve had has been a glorious beyond glorious experience…and also a struggle to adapt to.  Joy + Struggle running parallel.  I think some talk therapy will really help me out.  The therapist seems creepily perfect for me for a couple reasons.  Praise God.  I’ve seen therapists before, but never seen one who I felt got me / one I really connected with.

The place I’m going for therapy is for postpartum women, so Jo came with me.  She conveniently had her poop of the day right before we went in haha.  Glad it wasn’t in the session.

She started crying in session and the therapist suggested we all go for a walk outside to calm her down and it worked great.  Overall she did really good.  And the below outfit is my current favorite outfit…

7pm: Got home and Andrew had ordered us a pizza for dinner because he had a coupon and he gets excited about saving $3 lol.  I was craving something fresh so I had some ice cold bell peppers and ice cold lemonade with the pizza. Yummo.

Do you have any fun weekend plans coming up? Jo and I are hoping to see one of our good friends and then going to baby yoga for the first time.  Our public library actually offers free baby yoga, so we’re taking advantage of that! Looking forward to both things :)


  1. I love your posts. I can really relate to having a baby not sleeping, having a hard time napping and being overall “high need”. It’s truly a different experience compared to having a baby that sleeps well, goes to anyone to be held, and is overall super mellow. The transition into motherhood rocked my world as well. I frequently questioned why it seemed so hard for me and yet so easy for “everyone else”. Thank you for sharing your journey. You are a rock star in my book!

    • yep yep yep. I have some great mom friend’s who remind me that just because their baby is happy on their own, goes down for naps easy, rarely cries, etc. doesn’t mean they are doing something right and I am doing something wrong. For me it can be easy to start feeling that way tho

  2. Hi Kylie! I love how open and honest you are. I had a baby last January and while it’s the best thing in the world, it’s also the hardest. I recently started seeing a therapist a few weeks ago because I stopped breastfeeding last month and my hormones were insane. I felt like I had Postpartum depression… and my son is over a year old! But it’s been so helpful to talk through it with someone. So glad you found someone you like!

  3. Yay for finding a therapist you connect with—it’s the best!

    I love Tiny’s cookies, but my favorite cookies on that side of town are actually from Crave. A bit random since their specialty is cupcakes, but I just love them. And they sell chocolate chip cookie sandwiches with cream cheese frosting too, which are outrageously delicious.

  4. Kylie, as a lot of readers have said, I really admire your honesty about motherhood. I am not a mother, nor do I plan on ever becoming one, but I have such a deep respect for you and all the other mamas out there. It’s the hardest job in the world and the one least appreciated! I’m glad you’re finding ways to care for yourself <3

  5. I love and miss these DIL posts!! I use that poem with my clients, as well. I think it’s awesome. I love that you’re doing therapy again and that you’re so open about it here. I think many people still don’t realize how helpful therapy can be even for our everyday problems and life struggles. There’s so much stigma still attached to mental health, that many still think of therapy only for those that are clinically ill. Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. I love Jo’s little outfits! <3 She is such a cute baby!

  7. I love that poem, I’ve never seen it before! I am a counselor and it makes my heart so happy to hear people having a good experience with their counselors :) Good luck in your process!!

    This weekend I’m going to something called “Puppies and Pilates”—a pilates class with tons of puppies running lose…also known as Heaven. :)

  8. I’m 16 weeks pregnant with twins and really appreciate your pregnancy and postpartum posts! I struggle with depression and it’s very comforting to read about both the joys and struggles of parenthood.

  9. Thank you, as always, for being so open! I’m so so happy to hear you’ve found a therapist that you click with. I love that poem! But I’m also kinda saddened by it because it’s so me. I struggle with obsessing over/ruminating on the same worries. But hey, I’m addressing it in therapy too. :) I hope you have a fantastic weekend, Kylie!

  10. She is just the cutest thing! Honestly makes my heart so happy to see you as a mother Kylie! It’s been so fun watching your journey from the very beginning and now gosh look at you! So inspiring in all that you do. I’m happy to hear you found a therapist you can resonate with, I feel like “therapist hunting” can be quite a journey in itself, I have been in therapy a few times and really have only had one therapist I truly connected with. Sometimes it’s so disheartening. Sending good intentions your way, have a great weekend :)

  11. Hi Kylie,
    Just wondering what you think of Chick-fil-a’s chocolate chunk cookies? Also just wanted to tell you I love your blog and really am inspired by you.

  12. Omg Jo is the cutest baby! And that strawberry bandana! Also putting those cookie places on my Houston bucket list.

  13. I love that poem and am so glad you shared it! I also completely agree with what your friend said about joy and pain/struggle running parallel. Glad you were able to get back into therapy and so cool that they let you bring your babies in! Also please tell us how baby yoga goes!!

  14. have you ever listened to the RobCast podcast? I think you’d like many episodes. In one of the “intro to Love” pieces (I think the first 7/10/17 – there are 3) they talk about how part of love and joy is the struggle. and that if you don’t have a struggle you basically create one in order to feel satisfied in life. Sorry if that’s lame deep, but I found that episode to be so interesting. But first listen to the episode “As Yourself.” I think it will really resonate. You are doing a great job!

    • That’s interesting about if you don’t have struggle you create it to feel satisfied in life. I’ve listened to some RobCast episodes. But don’t think I’ve listened to that one. Thanks, Stephanie!

  15. Where are your leggings from in your elevator pic?! They look so comfy

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