some meals lately.

Here’s some meal and snacks I’ve remembered to take a photo of lately! Hope you find some meal/snack inspiration for next week from the below!


I’ve still been loving eggs + cheese + some type of carb + a vanilla latte for breakfasts.


I made some peanut butter balls and had ’em with some chocolate milk.  This is one of my go-to before bed snacks.  I love having peanut butter balls on hand.  One night I was trying to go to sleep and then I got so freaking hungry and got up and had a parmesan chicken breast with a massive glass of chocolate milk.  Then I felt better.  It ended up being more like a meal than a snack…just how it goes sometimes.

donut holes! Wednesday I had a doctors appointment and then a therapy appointment right after, so between appointments I grabbed some donut holes from a drive thru while Joanna was asleep in the back.  There was one time I was hungry during therapy and I felt like my brain couldn’t think…so I’m always sure to be well fed before therapy.

brownies! I made this recipe and they came out great! 


leftover homemade enchiladas. These actually came out a little too cheesy.  Other than that they were tasty.

A piada from Piada. Have you had those? Dang, they’re yummy. This was eaten in my car in a parking lot with Jo on my lap before we went to visit my grandma. 

We had a luncheon at my church where we were all supposed to bring something but I got overwhelmed that morning with Jo and ended up not bringing everything.  They still let me eat haha.  Cane’s chicken, deviled eggs, two kinds of salad, parmesan, a Red Dessert Dive cookie, and a green tea-lemonade. 

burrito bowls!


salmon burgers + salad.  LOVED these burgers…they came pre-made from Kroger and we’ll definitely be eating this meal again.


a Luvo meal with some added mozzarella balls and sautéed zucchini. 

Have a good weekend! 


  1. That is my favorite brownie recipe, I have made it so many times! I often add half a bag of chocolate chips.

  2. The peanut butter balls are a great pre dinner snack idea! I also love them for breastfeeding snacks – when the hunger strikes, I need something premade ASAP!

  3. Those brownies look awesome and when I looked at the recipe link, I was happy to see that they do not have melted chocolate in them! I always mess up the chocolate melting part–it’s so simple but I always manage to either burn the chocolate or not melt it enough so it’s lumpy. Maybe if I actually took the time to do that on the stove and instead of take shortcuts with the microwave…

  4. Were these salmon burgers frozen and pre cooked? We have Kroger and want to know what to look for!!!

  5. After seeing this post I bought Kroger frozen wild caught salmon burgers! We’ve had them before & loved them. Thanks for this post – great ideas!

  6. Yum! What recipe did you use for the PB Balls?

  7. What is this “too cheesy” thing you speak of?
    I frequently buy Trident salmon burgers and have them for quick meals. I love how I can make them just one at a time, and they’re really tasty!

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