Last day in Laguna.

Yesterday was our last full day of vacation.  Like with all family vacations, everyone starts to get a wee-bit irritable towards the end…and while there were plenty of those feelings, there was also a lot of happy times and delicious food.

Since mornings are my favorite time on vacations, I got up a little before 7am and headed down to do a little yoga while simultaneously whale watching.  I’m happy to report I saw 5 whales (4 blows and one whale back).  Halfway through yoga my dad and sister wandered down and were able to snap a couple photos for me.

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Half moon pose has been my favorite lately.  I have a feeling my neck shouldn’t be craned like it is and that the left side of my body should be in line with my lifted leg…but these are things I don’t really know.  When I’m in a yoga class I use a block under my hand.

All I know is that the pose feels incredible for my hips!

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Then I went back to the room and got Andrew so we could walk to Zinc for my ‘latte of the day’.  I’ve been having so much fun trying all the coffee places in Laguna.  I had already been to Zinc, but the first latte I had there was so delicious that I wanted to go back and try another flavor.

I went with an iced caramel latte.  So great.

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Then we headed back to the condo to make breakfast.  We decided to make sourdough french toast (mainly because we had so much leftover sourdough).  Halfway through making the french toast I was like, “why does the kitchen smell so rosemary-y?”  Then I realized I was using a loaf of olive oil & rosemary sourdough.  So olive oil & rosemary french toast it was.  

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It actually came out really good and I topped it with Honey & Flax Barney Almond Butter.

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Then we hung around for a bit.  I responded to emails while Andrew and my Dad watched CNBC.  Then Andrew helped me re-setup the e-commerce platform for the eBooks.  Neither one of us had any idea what we were doing lol, but we are both happier with how the eBook pages look now.

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By 10:45am I was getting hungry for lunch.  I had looked up lunch ideas on Yelp while falling asleep the night before and the winner was Slapfish.  

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We ordered some fish tacos and chowder fries (aka fries covered in clam chowder).  We got the order to-go and headed down to the boardwalk to sit and eat by the water.

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Personally, I can take or leave regular french fries.  I’m more of a sweet potato fries and tortilla chip person.  

BUT the fish tacos were some of the best I’ve ever had!!!  The oceanview didn’t hurt the taste of the food either!  My taco had fried fish + avocado puree + pickled onions + radishes + cabbage + crispy red stringy things that I think were seaweed(?? still not sure.).

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After lunch we walked back to the condo and did a whole lot of glorious nothing.  

I sat up on the roof for a bit with my mom & sisters, until my skin was like, “GET OUT OF THE SUN.”

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Then we walked to Whole Foods to get dinner ingredients.  On the menu was blue cheese burgers.

The cutest little neighborhood Whole Foods…

laguna beach |

laguna beach |

After dropping our grocery bag off at the condo, we headed for some afternoon froyo from Active Cultures.  One of my favorite things about Laguna has to be that you can walk everywhere.  

I love any city that is on the water and is highly walkable. 

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I went with cookies & cream + vanilla topped with cookie dough (duh.), oreos and strawberries.

laguna beach | laguna beach |

After froyo Andrew and I just wandered about the city.  Went to a book store, a shoe store and then down to the beach to watch the surfers.

laguna beach |

By this time the marine layer was rolling in (is that what the creepy haze is called that comes over the beach? I don’t know the lingo).

laguna beach |

By that time it was getting close to dinner time so we headed back to the room to help put everything together.

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Blue cheese burgers + sweet potato fries eaten on our balcony. Unfortunately there was a cloud bank that kept us from seeing the final sunset…still gorgeous though.

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After dinner I brought out these scotcheroos that I had gotten from a chocolate shop.  I had never heard of a ‘scotcheroo’ and had to ask the chocolate story lady what they were, but apparently scotcheroos are a thing because when I google searched them like a bajillion recipes came up.  This one looks ideal.

laguna beach |

And with that, another spring break vacation is over.  Our flight home leaves around 2pm tomorrow.

Every year this is my favorite week of the year and I’m so grateful for all the memories and the gorgeous-ness of Laguna Beach.  If you haven’t been, I highly recommend planning a trip there (and letting me come with you)!


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip and what a lovely way to spend your last day!

    YES. Scotcheroos are a thing and you need them in your life ASAP.

  2. Scotcheroos are totally a thing and they basically = heaven!

  3. Laguna is my favorite place ever! Good thing the weather cleared up somewhat for you the rest of the week!

  4. You sound very content & rejuvenated :) And yes, scotcheroos are delicious thing ~ but I prefer them with special K cereal instead of rice crispies :) Safe travels!

  5. I loved your Laguna posts! My sister lives there, but I’ve never had any urge to go, oddly enough. Now I’m convinced I need a trip!

    Half Moon is my favorite pose as well! In terms of cranking your neck– just don’t look up! Look towards the side of the room or down towards the floor. The point of the pose is to open your hips, not to crank your neck. Also, it might help your lifted leg if you imagine your tailbone elongating. So, in addition to your leg being parallel to the floor, imagine your tailbone tucking in so your back is flat. Sometimes people have an arch in their back. Hope that helps!

    FYI, I am a yoga teacher, so I’m not just spoutin sh*t :)

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  7. I love your hat!! Where’s it from? So cute.

  8. Kylie! I followed your instagram pictures of this trip but just had the chance to sit down and read your posts! I had no idea you went every year! I wish I would have seen all your posts a few months ago. I vacayed to Newport Beach/Laguna back in August with my mom and dad. We hit some of the same spots but I would have loved to hit more of the spots you have posted. Although Bear Flag, The Cliff and Zinc all happened!! We had an amazing time and are already planning to go back, I can see why y’all go every year!

    {my newport/laguna recap}

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