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I wanted to share some of the most annoying pinterest messages I have come across and reframe them into more healthful phrases.  I scrolled through pinterest and if my internal BS meter said, “WTF…that’s the stupidest thing I ever heard,” then I decided to include it.

I did find many images of half-dressed, photo-shopped women with fitspo messages over-laid, but I’m not putting that crap in my happy place.  So those were excluded.

Let’s begin.

reframe fitspo | immaEATthat.comreframe fitspo | immaEATthat.comreframe fitspo |

If you have a difficult relationship with food and your body, I hope you will look into my online course and see if it is something that resonates with you.


  1. YES…just YES!!!  As someone who has struggled with anorexia, messages like these are so triggering. One of the many reasons why I love your blog is b/c you are the exact opposite of these messages, and you help me so much to ignore ED thoughts. THANK YOU! 

  2. THANK YOU! I see this junk all over pinterest and it drives me crazy! There are so many quotes and “fitness inspiration” photos that are so unhealthy. You can be the most physically fit person in the world but you will never be happy until your mind and heart and soul are properly taken care of.

    • I 100% agree. People have got to stop following things that set unrealistic expectations for their body or make them feel like crap about themselves. When you’re stuck in that crap mindset, those messages are SO all consuming and life ruining. Thanks for the comment!

  3. This is amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time to post this. You could have so much fun with this if you kept gong – that’s how many of these I’ve see on Pinterest or Instagram. These “fitspo” images are so detrimental to society.

  4. These are wonderful! My current headache is thigh gaps- I spent too much time scrolling through its tag on Instagram one night and leaving body-positive comments that only backfired on me because so many people are in a place of self-hate and judgement that they can’t even see what’s going on in the world around them. THIGH GAPS. My god. End rant. 

    Much love for everything you do, as always! 

    • “can’t even see what’s going on in the world around them”…such a crummy place to be:( GOOD FOR YOU FOR trying to be their positive/healthful voice when they don’t have one!!!!

  5. LOVE THIS POST – Thank you for being a positive influence in my life!

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  7. I absolutely LOVE THIS. It makes me so sad when I see messages like this. Until we are emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy, coincided with physical health, then no amount of green smoothies or diets are going to help our health. I’ve learned that the hard way years ago, when I was suffering from an eating disorder and then recently when I realised I had become too consumed in the “healthiest” thing to eat to heal my ailments. Although it was not about weight, it was still unhealthy for my mind. Fear and stress is far more detrimental to our health then relaxing our eats and not worrying about the affect of x, y or z food! 

  8. Great post. Also – Your snapchat about how you shouldn’t feel guilty about food unless you stole it made me smile really big. So good.

  9. As always, you nailed it! I love what you did to transform these misguided messages into something truly helpful for others. Thank you for being a strong voice in the fight against “perfection” and negative body image. Being perfect would be utterly boring. I love people’s differences, their unique qualities. Thank you, Kylie.

  10. YES to this post. I get so annoyed with all these things I see on Pinterest. It is promoting such a poor message and can cause such disordered tendencies around food and exercise. Thanks for this Kylie!

  11. I absolutely LOVE this. I struggled with anorexia all of last year and only recently have taken true steps towards recovery, so I know first hand how much social media and society itself enhances eating disorders. Your website has truly helped me make leaps and bounds towards a healthy and just plain normal relationship with food that I thought I would never get back! I love everything you have to say because instead of just being overly focused on health and exercise, you provide me with a sense of normalcy that I’m working on having myself. Everywhere I look it’s all about obsessing over eating healthy and exercise, when in reality that is an extremely unhealthy mental and physical way to be. Thank you infinitely for providing me with inspiration and guidance about being free from controlling eating and exercise so that I can live my life again! Your site it the one place I can go to when I’m surrounded by a society that only makes my eating disorder more difficult to fight. Thanks a million!

  12. LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I’m going to post a link to it on my blog if that’s okay? This totally sums up my feelings. So true! I’m so over all this fitspiration crap. Just enjoy life, enjoy food and be happy! Thanks for sharing! :)


  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! YESSS!!

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  16. PREACH, PREACH, PREACH!!! Too often, on the pursuit of a “healthier” life, people fall prey to “fitspo” like this and slip into obsessive, extreme habits. I love how you transformed these! Such an amazing post idea.


  17. I know this is a few weeks old but reminded me of this post I saw on buzzfeed about “fitspo” and seems like something you might like, it did similar to you and changed the wording :)

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