weekend + 2016 christmas gift guide.

Our Saturday was super fun because we got to spend all day with this little pup!


One of my good friends recently got a chocolate lab puppy and Andrew + Maggie + me got to watch him all Saturday.  I took at least 50 photos of him (not exaggerating at all lol) throughout the day, he’s just so photogenic. 


Maggie and him had a lot of fun and both were exhausted when Cooper’s parents picked him up that night.


Sunday morning Andrew and I got up and headed to breakfast at Cafeza before church.  I really like this place.  It’s calm in the morning (as are most restaurants before 9am), they make good latte, they have food options other than breakfast tacos, and it’s really close to our church.


We started the meal with a latte for me + black coffee for Andrew and an almond croissant to split.  I was totally unimpressed with this almond croissant.  The croissant part was fab…but there was zero almond paste/marzipan in it! That’s my fav part!


Then we ordered a chorizo-poblano quiche.  Now that was amazing.  I would totally order it again.


Then church + volunteering with the church kiddos.  Before volunteering I grabbed a taco snack.


Andrew had done the grocery shopping by the time I got home from church, so for lunch I made a salad + beans + cornbread + iced vanilla latte.


something sweet to finish the meal…


I spent the majority of the rest of the afternoon working on an eCourse I’ve been working on for the past 4 months (or really past year).  The course is called “How to Eat (and how to feel okay in your body)”….or something like that.  I haven’t finalized the name quite yet.  The course will be released mid December.  If you’re struggling with your relationship with food and/or your body, this will be a great place to start.

I’m 90% sure the first module will be free to all so you can get a feel for if you like the teaching style of the course before you purchase it.  The course will be $199 until December and then the price will be raised after December 31st.

If you think this sounds like something you’re interested in/the email challenges i’ve done in the past two months have been helpful to you…stay tuned!

Then Andrew and I took Maggie on a walk.  Doesn’t she look thrilled? lol.


Then I prepped a banana bread that is a component of a recipe I’m working on for tomorrow (aka today).  That recipe will be on the blog on Tuesday and I’m SOOOOO excited for it.  I came across the idea when we were in San Fran this summer and it is PERFECT for the holidays!


For dinner, a nice new friend at church invited us to her Friendsgiving!

Right before we left the house I was hungry, so I had an apple.


Look at this adorable dinner set-up!! I’m a sucker for twinkle lights and outdoor dining.


My plate: turkey, a chicken nugget (lol), roasted carrots, awesome bacon-blue cheese brussels sprouts, salad, mac n’ cheese, wine(x2). 


Then home for the evening to watch Narcos (just started it!), type up this post, and make a chicken-salsa-chili-soup-thing for some lunches/dinners for the week.   With the cold weather, I love having a cozy homemade soup to end the day with.


Before bed I had a slice of the previously mentioned banana bread topped with PB + a mug of hot chocolate with it.  Hot chocolate tends to become a nightly thing for me during the holidays<3. 

I hope all my American friend’s enjoy this short week! I’M PUMPED!

In honor of this festive holiday week, I’m sharing my holiday gift guide.  Here are all the things I think would make awesome gifts…

Christmas gift guide 2016 |

1. Unicorn Computer Cover {$16} // My dad always told me that I am hard on technology…meaning I break my computers/phones/cars/etc.  I think it’s my impulsive nature that prevents me from slowing down and taking care of things.  All that to say…this unicorn computer cover is dreamy and will help protect my computer from being scratched to smithereens. 

2. 1000 Stories Red Wine {$18} // In their retirement, my parents have become quite the wine snobs<3.  I like good wine, but not enough to join a wine club.  My parent’s found this wine at our local grocery store a while back and it’s SO GOOD.  Andrew and I usually have at least one bottle of it on our bar cart at all times.  Plus, it is always on sale at our grocery store for $12. 

3. Joco Reusable Coffee Cup {$25} // I have been eyeing these for at least a year after coming across the brand at our Whole Foods.  I have a yeti cup that does an excellent job at keeping my coffee cold/hot, but I like the look of these Joco cups better.

4. Ban.dō Gift Card {$50} // Everyone can find something they like from Ban.dō.  While I know some people don’t like giving giftcards for presents…I have no problem with it.  

5. Cuvée Coffee {$13} // HOLY CRAP this coffee is excellent.  I first tried it at a coffee shop out in the country where my in-laws live.  The coffee shop owner said she searched around Texas to find the best coffee and this one out of Austin, TX was it.  While this coffee is too expensive for everyday drinking (for us at least), I love picking up a bag every once in a while.

6. Kristine Brookshire Prints {$33} // I found Kristine’s art on instagram and fell in love.  She does gorgeous watercolor artwork of women, succulents and my favorite beach (Laguna!).  I don’t have any of her artwork in my home now because I’m having a hard time deciding which one I want.  I think this watercolor is beyond gorgeous.

7. Cookies & Cream Chocolate Bar {$10} // Don’t judge me for suggesting you spend $10 on one chocolate bar haha.  THEY ARE JUST SO PRETTY!

8. Contour Kit from Anthro {$34} // Man. I know nothing (nothing!) about makeup…but I’d like to learn how to contour better.  Perhaps this kit could help.

9. Copper Rok Manual Espresso Maker {$229} // The most expensive item on this list! Andrew and I have been in the market for an espresso maker for awhile and I think this is what we’ve been looking for.  I first saw this Rok on Faux Martha’s IG and immediately loved it.  Then I saw it came in copper and I KNEW it was meant to be.  Copper<3<3<3 I LOVE that it looks like a piece of art.

10. Metal Photo Clips String {$14} // I love the idea of having art you can change the look of.  These would be great for hanging Christmas cards on during the holidays and for the rest of the year they’d be great to be used as an inspiration board to hold torn out magazine pages and recipe inspiration.


  1. I love that post-church meal. I don’t make cornbread often enough.
    An espresso maker is the thing I’ve asked for for Christmas. Though I may look for one on the cheaper end to make sure I actually use it enough- I tend to crave lattes at work and not at home.

  2. I JUST finished watching Narcos and I really liked it, though I gotta warn you it’s kind of hard to watch certain scenes because they’re so bloody, so just be prepared! But the further into the show you get the more suspenseful it is, which I loved.

    • My only critique so far is that I tend to blog while watching TV and I can’t do that when watching Narcos bc of the subtitles! I’ll be prepared to look away for the bloody scenes!

  3. I loved watching your instastories with the puppy- did it make you want to get a second dog? We got an Nespresso this summer and it’s honestly the easiest things ever but the one you picked out looks so fancy- love it!

  4. Super cute gift guide, and your eats look awesome!

  5. I have been craving a hot chocolate at night, too! Tis the season. But sometimes I also want a chocolate chip cookie with it and all the chocolate hypes me up before bed, the struggle is real!

  6. Oh man that pup is SO cute! I bet Maggie loved having a friend all day :)

    Kristine Brookshire is extremely talented. I found her on pinterest a while back and I got a few of her prints for my birthday and I love them. Loving this gift guide. The hubby and I are also looking into getting an espresso maker, I think I would use it SO much.

  7. That is the most adorable outdoor set up ever! That puppy – OMG! And your Ecourse sounds fabulous :)

  8. What a gorgeous pup! The e-course sounds amazing! Congratulations for putting so much hard work into something you love :) I can’t wait to see what it’s all about! And I love your gift guide :) I’ve been sending my fiance emails with links to the books I’d like him to buy me for Christmas this year ;)

  9. I’m totally okay with spending 10 dollars on chocolate if it’s that cute. I really want that coffee cup now…

  10. Oh my GOODNESS!!! Chocolate lab puppy.  I’m SO jealous!!!  I lost my lab this past valentines day…he had a strange heart attack at 8.  So sad.  I have a special place in my heart for chocolate dogs…forever.  I have a black lab puppy (Livvie) that “found me” also that weekend after Wrigley passed. 16yr friend got his girlfriend the puppy as a gift.  Good thing the parents said “take it back”. She instantly took me over right when I needed her.  

    MORE puppy pictures please!!

    Also, you mentioned email work about body image?  How do I sign up for that? I am definitely interested in the first module too.  You write things that really help us. Thank you for that!!  (Can you email me regarding this comment part?)

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