IAEDP + a life update.

I spent the last 5 days in Vegas attending the IAEDP Symposium 2017.  In exchange for this post, IAEDP covered a portion of my conference cost.

I got to hang out with some dietitian and therapist friends at the conference! Hi, Allison<3 Allison in the white has agreed to take an intro to hip hop dancing class with me and I’m pumped about it.  On the left up there is We All Eat! She’s great!

I really enjoyed the conference.  I attended 13 sessions on eating disorder related topics and I learned so much.  As part of the CEDRD (certified eating disorder registered dietitian) credential I am working towards, I was required to attend 4 Core Courses at the conference: one) Overview of Eating Disorders, two) Treatment Modalities for Eating Disorders, three) Nutrition Therapy for Eating Disorders, and four) Medical Treatment of Eating Disorders.  I already knew a lot of what was covered in the core courses, which was validating for me.  If you’re interested in becoming a CEDRD, here are the requirements.

One of my favorite comments made at the conference was that, “your brain is not a hybrid car.”  It needs fuel in the form of glucose, not fuel in the form of something else.  Expecting your body to run optimally on a low carb diet where you’re forcing your body to use ketones for energy isn’t helpful.  You body has a specific pH level it needs to operate at for certain enzymes to function and those who minimize carb intake create ketone bodies that alter their pH.  You wouldn’t expect your gasoline car to run off electricity.  Why do some expect their bodies to run off a fuel it isn’t made to use? Moral of the story: no/low carb diets make no sense.  More evidence in support of becoming a competent eater rather than a restrictive eater.

There was also a lot of mention of HAES (something I explore the meaning of in the course).  It was said that HAES is a belief system that doesn’t support ED development, while dieting and restriction is something that creates EDs.

There was also a discussion on poop and how encouraging clients to look at their poop can help them understand their body better.   Looking can help them determine if they are having issues with fiber, fat, dehydration or intestinal villi health.

Three other things mentioned that I hope connect with you:

In terms of food adventures, one of my most eating experiences in Vegas was getting to eat at Milk Bar! I knew they had this place in New York, but didn’t know they had one in Vegas.

I went with the cereal milk soft serve with chocolate chips and sprinkles.

I ended up waiting too long to book my room at the conference center, so I stayed at The Linq on The Vegas Strip and it was quite the experience…

And now I am SO happy to be home with Andrew and Maggie.  After so much traveling this March I am ready for some normal life for a while.  Well…as normal as things can be, since we’re changing things up!

Life Update

At the end of February I decided to leave the private practice I was working at and open my own private practice in The Heights area in Houston.  I choose the office location based off its close proximity to Torchy’s Tacos lol.  Andrew has been key in helping get things set up.  I love being married to him.  I tell him what I’m dreaming of and he makes it happen.

Even though this is a change I wanted, March has been emotionally overwhelming for me.  It is very egodystonic for me to tell a mentor who I’m super grateful to that I’m leaving them.  In the past when I’ve decided to end jobs with people I respect I’ve had the same emotional reaction.

I know it’s the right decision.  I am s0 excited AND also a bit emotional…and that is all okay.  I plan to take it easy today with a yoga class, one recipe photo shoot (I haven’t been in my kitchen in forever!), and dinner with my parents tonight.  I’m grateful for a day to get my feet back under me.

I start seeing virtual clients later this week and will be seeing in-person clients the first week of April.  I can’t wait to share the office space with you once it’s decorated.  Andrew’s mom is going to help me decide on furniture/decor this Thursday…she’s good at making decisions and indecisive me needs support with that!  There will be a page added to the blog soon with details about my private practice, immaEATthat Nutrition Counseling :)


  1. Congrats on your new business!!! You are gonna be amazing (you already are)!!!

  2. it’s interesting to me that the conference was in Las Vegas. I guess I just associate it with shows and gambling, haha. Anyways, the conference is something I’d love to attend one day and thank you for sharing a little bit from your experience. 
    congratulations on starting your own private practice! I know that it will be successful and that you will change lives! Private practice is definitely in my long-term goals for many reasons. Best of luck and my prayers as you get things going!

  3. Ahhhh congratulations, Kylie!! That is fantastic! Glad it’s near the taco place too. ;) So you will be taking virtual clients then? I’d be interested in that!

  4. Congratulations, Kylie! Sounds like you are making a great decision and I can’t wait to hear how it all unfolds. And what your new office will look like ;) Yay!

  5. Once you settle into your new private practice, I’d love to see a post on how to start a private practice similar to your “how to start a blog” post that you wrote a while back! If you’d be willing :) 
    Congratulations on your new endeavor; I know it will be successful! I wish I lived in Texas so I could be one of your clients! haha

  6. Congratulations on the new venture! So exciting.

  7. Congrats on the private practice!!!! I know you will help so many people struggling with eating disorders <3 Can't wait to hear more!

  8. This sounds exciting and exhausting. I don’t know if it’s just the nurse in me, ok it’s the 4th grader in me, but I would LOVE to know what my poop is telling me! Dead serious.

  9. OH MY GOSH!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is so so incredible Kylie. Thank you for sharing your experience here and all of your nutrition wisdom. You are going to do amazing things.

  10. Congratulations on your private practice, Kylie! It’s so apparent how passionate you are and I know you will make a difference for so many people!

  11. Congrats! A huge and exciting step and accomplishment!

  12. Congratulations and yay Kylie!!!  Double yay to no commuting!!! :)

  13. Congratulations and yay Kylie!!!  Double yay for no commuting!!! :)

  14. YES! Your own private practice! That ROCKS! Praying it works out smoothly for you because you have already changed so many lives and I know you will change so many more! <3

  15. I am so so excited for and proud of you! Congratulations on starting your own practice, and I wish you all the best!

  16. I am so proud of and excited for you! Congratulations on starting your own practice, and I wish you all the best!

  17. Congratulations! I’m so excited for you. I know you’ll create a wonderful practice. I’m looking forward to hearing more about how it goes! What an exciting step in your life. It must be hard to say goodbye to your current practice, and I’m sure they will be sad to see you go, but supportive nonetheless.

  18. Congratulations on your new business! You are always so inspiring and I am very, very excited for you. Looking forward to following along!

  19. Congrats on your new business! I am SO EXCITED and was happy to hear you spill the beans!! Yay!!

  20. Congratulations on starting your private practice! I know that’s a huge, scary, and EXCITING step in your career! I’m bummed I couldn’t make it to the IAEDP Symposium this year; I would have loved to meet you! Good luck and I’m excited to see more life update posts from you :)

  21. congratulations that is so exciting! I am sure you will be amazing. Also that ice cream looks bomb ;) 

  22. I actually laughed out loud when I read your reason for choosing your business location! We live right by Tacos a Go Go and routinely drive or ride our bikes right past it on the way to Torchys…we are OBSESSED!

  23. Congrats on the new practice! After you get into the swing of things and have all the decorating finished, I’m sure you’ll be loving the change!

  24. Wow congrats on the private practice!! Ultimately that’s my goal, so looking forward to reading more on how you transition over(:

  25. You are awesome!  So proud of you!

  26. Congrats on your new endeavor, that is so exciting and very inspiring. I love seeing people stretch outside of their comfort zones to achieve a dream! On another note… I would be super interested in a poop post if you’d be willing to share!

  27. I am so excited for you and this career move! I appreciate how real you are in sharing all of your emotions about it- both happy and sad. I’ve following your blog for a whole now and I feel like reading is always a therapeutic experience for me so it’s amazing that you are opening your own practice to continue doing the great work that you already do (on the blog and at your current work)!!

    On a different note, I am really glad you brought up ketones in this post. I’ve seen some other bloggers and wellness enthusiasts telling a very different story about ketones and what kind of fuel our bodies are made to use. I’ve read that our brains prefer ketones to glucose and that is why a low carb diet is beneficial. People rave about it not necessarily for wait loss but for mental benefits. I am just really eager to hear your take on that since you are all for the carbs!! Thank you :)

  28. Congratulations Kylie!! This is so exciting!! I wish I lived in Houston just so I could start seeing you instead of just creeping on your blog all the time! ;) Good luck figuring out decor! ❤️😘

  29. Huge congrats!! I can relate to the magnitude of your decision and your feelings about leaving a respected mentor. I walked that same road almost exactly one year ago. I will share that God made it very clear what I was to do. I still had some anxiety about the actual process—still do some days– but I know without a doubt it was the right move at the right time. You are going to touch so many people and speak truth into so many lives. As far as decorating goes, you can’t go wrong with IKEA :)

  30. Congrats on the venture into private practice! Looking forward to reading about it because that’s something I’m considering doing in the future too. :) Best of luck with everything!!

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