A lunch idea + best wrapping paper ever.

Wednesday night Andrew and I went out to celebrate the course being finished.  I had a salad to start and then a filet mignon topped with blue cheese butter (it was dreamy) & fries. 

The next morning I had my coconut flour pancake.  Whisk together 2 eggs, a mashed banana, dash cinnamon, baby pour vanilla, tiny pinch salt and a scant tablespoon coconut flour.  Pour it into a heated, greased skillet and cook like ya would a pancake.

I enjoyed a slow, calm morning.  I had my weekly supervision to work towards by CEDRD credential (aka certified eating disorder RD).

Went for a walk while talking with my sister on the phone.

Then I wrapped Christmas presents.  Look at this walrus wrapping paper.  Best Christmas paper ever, right? I got it from Paper Source.  LOVE THAT PLACE.

Morning snacks included an apple.  And then later I had a Justin’s pb cup for an appetizer while I waited for my lunch to cook:)

For lunches I’ve been making a lot of (what I’m calling) ‘skillet casseroles’.  You dump all the ingredients in your fridge into a skillet and sauté them all together with cheese. It’s like a ‘clean-out-the-fridge’ salad, but made warm and cozy for winter.  It’s delicious.

This one had roasted sweet potatoes, crispy chickpeas I’d roasted earlier, chopped kale & chard, parmesan, mozzarella, and some rotisserie chicken.

I paired it with some green juice. If green juice is ICE ICE ICE cold and served in a wine glass, I really enjoy it. If it’s warm…no thank you.  I’ve started adding one or two green juices to our grocery cart some weeks to switch up what we’re drinking with meals.  It’s been a fun change.

Then I packed up my computer and some snacks for later and headed to our office.  Snacks were a nut butter filled CLIF bar (i really like these because, like Perfect Bars, they are more filling than a KIND bar), a milk chocolate truffle and some cherry tomatoes. 

I saw clients from 2:00 to 7:30pm.  Then home for dinner + Narcos watching.

We have a pretty calm weekend planned.  I have a friend coffee date planned for today that I’m looking forward to and then we are celebrating my mom’s birthday later this weekend.  Both my parents have birthdays right before Christmas…makes finding the perfect birthday and then Christmas gifts tricky;)

What about you? Any fun holiday weekend plans/traditions? 


  1. Mmm I’ve been craving steak for weeks now. Just haven’t gotten around to it!
    Clif bars are probably my favorite protein bar. They don’t have the protein taste, are a pretty good size, and don’t cost too much.
    Have a fun family-weekend. :D

  2. That wrapping paper is adorable!! I love each pattern you chose. The steak with blue cheese butter sounds like the perfect celebratory meal, especially with those fries. Mmm. I hope you have a fantastic Friday!

  3. Love these posts you are so creative with your food lady it is inspiring!

  4. What a great idea!  I hate cold salads for a meal in the winter but love to use them to clean out the fridge.  That makes life easier haha plus mmmm cheese.  I wish I had some bananas hanging around to make those pancakes.  Have a good weekend!

  5. You got walruses on your wrapping paper! That’s cute and bizarre!
    I love the skillet casserole idea. Sounds like a delicious combo, too. :)

  6. Which green smoothies do you like at the store? :)

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